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House Sitters and Pet Sitters

“The limo’s here, your bags are packed, the list is by the phone.
Me and Snake will watch your place and treat it like our own.”

Diane and Alex are experienced house and pet sitters from British Columbia, Canada

Diane is a farm-girl and Alex is a city-boy. We met, married and live in British Columbia, and are now a 50-something, adventurous, non-smoking couple. We have traveled both ways around the world together, managed a variety of hospitality and recreation businesses, owned and operated a popular guesthouse, and now are traveling once again. We were owned by three amazing cats over the past 20 years, and they trained us to care for them purrfectly.

Pet sitting at home

As responsible and caring homeowners, we would care for your home and pets as our own. We are homebodies who love to travel, and house sitting offers a great opportunity to travel while staying at home. As aspiring travel bloggers, we like to take time to explore an area, experience the culture and interact with locals. As homeowners, we miss the comfort of home while traveling and find comfort in looking after yours.

House sitting in Canada

We know how much animals bring a home to life. Whether house cats or pet dogs, cows, pigs, hens or horses, we have always had animals as a part of our lives. There’s nothing like living in a home with pets, and house sitting gives us the chance to enjoy the love and friendship of a furry friend, if only for a while!

Homeowners ourselves for decades, we are the DIY types who can tackle any and all jobs related to property renovation, repair and maintenance. We have experience and knowledge of landscaping, gardening, hot tub care, wood stoves, septic tanks, plumbing, electrical, carpentry…and so much more!

After a decade in the hospitality industry, we bought a condo, rented it out, and went travelling. We decided in South Africa that we would open a guesthouse similar to the many “backpackers” in that country. We enjoyed the lifestyle of running a guesthouse in a seaside resort-town, which gave us a wealth of knowledge in property management and guest experience.

Pet sitting in Australia

An opportunity presented itself to purchase a beautiful home on a 10 acre property, where we spend our time mountain biking in the summer and skiing in winter. Since then, we have also done dozens of house sits over several years, so far hopping between Canada, Mexico, Australia, Jamaica and Costa Rica.

Saving a stray cat

Our sits have ranged from four days to five months in length, and our pets and animals have ranged from llamas and chickens to a 5lb cat and two Australian Bulldogs – including several pets who have required special care, medication and vet visits. We have all our required COVID vaccines and adhere to strict cleaning and physical distancing protocols. With Diane and Alex as your house sitters and/or pet sitters, you will have peace of mind knowing we will care for your home and pets as if they were our own.

We have traveled the world while others have looked after our home and pets, and we hope we can do the same for you. Make Blue World Nomads you next house sitters! Please contact us if you would like us to look after your property and pets.

Below is a synopsis of our house/pet sits to date, including details of the sit and homeowner comments.

“Man, it sure is peaceful here – you’ve really got it all.
And if you ever hit the road again, give me and Snake a call.”
– Jimmy Buffett

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British Columbia, Canada – 4-bed, 3-bath house

Pumpkin and Stella (Ragdoll Cats, females 3 years)
Repeat petsit from 2022

Diane and Alex are amazing pet and house sitters and that is why we choose them again. Every couple of days we were given updates and photos of our fur babies. We came home to a very clean house and our fur babies were definitely spoiled with the attention they received from Alex and Diane! We can’t say enough about these two other than provide them with utter praises. You won’t be sorry asking them for your pet/house sitting needs.
– Helene and Paul

British Columbia, Canada – 3-bed, 3-bath house

Olive (Golden Retriever, female 4 years)
Repeat petsit from 2022

Diane and Alex have looked after our house and golden retriever three times over the past year. They’re awesome, no other words to describe them. They’re clean, great communicators and take excellent care of Olive. When they arrived, Olive treated them like a long lost friend and was absolutely ecstatic to see them again. You won’t be able to find a better petsitters than Diane and Alex. Kind, tidy, reliable, simply the best.
– Mark and Jane

British Columbia, Canada – 2-bed, 1-bath house

Aspen (Pointer/Retriever, female 2 years)
Athena (Cat, female 5 years)

Diane and Alex were our first choice to look after Aspen and Athena, and we were happy they were available while we went away on a family vacation. We didn’t have to worry about our home and pets as they sent us regular updates, and our place was spotless when we got back. We would highly recommend them to anyone looking for friendly, responsible and professional housesitters.
– George and Karen

British Columbia, Canada – 2-bed, 1-bath apartment

Zoe (Cat, female 2 years)

We really lucked out that Diane and Alex were available to look after our home and our kitty Zoe. They are a wonderful, friendly couple who have a ton of house/pet sitting experience. Communication was excellent and we really appreciated the updates and pictures. We came home to a spotless home and our Zoe was relaxed and happy. We couldn’t ask for anything more and would absolutely welcome Diane and Alex back anytime!
– Mike and Carol

British Columbia, Canada
3-bed, 3-bath farmhouse with two 1-bed, 1-bath BnB suites

Llamas (female) – Maxine, Zoe, Sasha, Lexi, Annie, Cahli, Freckles, Arianne
Llamas (male) – Poco, Santino, Finnegan
24 Songbirds, 45 Chickens
Repeat farmsit from 2022

Diane and Alex have just completed a two-week farm stay for us. This was their second time farm sitting for us. We can highly recommend them. They had 11 llamas, a large aviary and 45 chickens to contend with. When we got back everything was in tip-top shape as was the house. We are hoping to use them for a third time next year.
– Lavinia and Alan

British Columbia, Canada – 3-bed, 4-bath executive home

Frankie (Bichon/Shih Tzu, male 10 years)
Repeat petsit from 2018 and 2019

We travel South every year for two months in the Winter. This is the third time we have had Alex and Diane look after our home and our dog Frankie. If we were smart we would give them a bad review so we could have them all to ourselves! Our home is well cared for and spotless. Most important….our Frankie just loves them!
– Martine and Kenn


British Columbia, Canada – 3-bed, 3-bath house

Olive (Golden Retriever, female 4 years)

I can’t say enough good things about Diane and Alex. Friendly, animal lovers that will leave you feeling like you left your home and pet with a family member. While we were away we received daily updates and photos/video of Olive. We came home to a very tidy house – probably tidier than after our house cleaners come!
– Mark and Jane

British Columbia, Canada – 3-bed, 3-bath house

Olly (Golden Labrador/Ridegeback, male 3 years)

I left for a long trip completely confident that Olly and my house would be well looked after. Diane and Alex are lovely people who I have had a pleasure of getting to know and proudly call friends now. I returned to my house tidier than it has ever been and my dog as happy and healthy as he has ever been before.
– Ryan

British Columbia, Canada – 4-bed, 3-bath house

Ripley (female 8 years)
Labrador Retriever/Border Collie/Shepherd

Diane and Alex were amazing house sitters! Ripley was very well cared for and was entirely herself when we returned home. The house and property were respected and we came home to a nice clean house. Communication was excellent! We didn’t have to ask for pics or updates, they sent them along to let us know how Ripley was doing and adapting. It really allowed us to relax and enjoy our time away. We’ll definitely be using Alex and Diane to take care of Ripley and our home again!
– Connie and Ken

British Columbia, Canada – 1-bed, 1-bath apartment

Wheels (Mixed Part-Poodle, male 2 years)

Diane and Alex were wonderful guests and pet sitters! They sent me photos or videos of Wheels without being prompted, and it was so comforting to see my pup having a good time with them. They communicated extremely well and just often enough. I so appreciate how they took time to learn how I treat and communicate with my dog so they could emulate it. I came home to a happy dog, a tidy home and I am very happy with my second ever Trusted Housesitters experience. I would gladly have them back, and I know Wheels would be overjoyed to see them again.
– Carol-Lynne

British Columbia, Canada – 4-bed, 3-bath house

Pumpkin and Stella
(Ragdoll Cats, females 2 years)

Diane and Alex took wonderful care of our fur babies for almost two months. We were provided frequent updates on how they were doing (including pictures and videos) which was very comforting to know they were adjusting well (as the girls only knew us for the first two years of their lives). Household items were managed and we were kept well informed of any issues, resolutions, etc without having any worries. We came home to a very clean house, well maintained yard, a loaf of fresh bread. Definitely recommend them to anyone, and sure hope we have the benefit to have them back in the future!
– Helene and Paul

British Columbia, Canada
3-bed, 3-bath house

Lucy (Cat, female 4 years)
Hannah (Bichon-Shitzu, female 17 years)

Colin and I were very pleased with Diane and Alex. They bonded well with Hannah the Dog and Lucy the cat. They left the house spotless – cleaner than we left. We wouldn’t hesitate to have them back.
– Teri and Colin

British Columbia, Canada
3-bed, 3-bath farmhouse with two 1-bed, 1-bath BnB suites

Llamas (female) – Dominique, Maxine, Zoe, Sasha, Lexi
Annie, Sparkle, Lizzie, Cahli, Freckles, Arianne
Llamas (male) – Poco, Santino, Finnegan
Smudge (Barn Cat), 24 Songbirds, 40 Chickens

Diane and Alex farm sat for us for three weeks. They looked after fourteen llamas, one barn cat, an aviary with twenty-four birds, and forty laying hens. The critters were all very well looked after and, I think, thoroughly spoiled! Our house was in pristine condition when we arrived home. Thank you Diane and Alex for doing such a great job!
– Lavinia and Alan


British Columbia, Canada – 2-bed, 2-bath house

Lexi (German Shepherd, female 5 years)
Waverly (Cat, female 5 years), Onyx (Cat, female 4 years)

We were so fortunate when Alex and Diane applied to care for our girls and house sit for us over the Christmas holiday. While we were away Alex and Diane were very attentive to Lexi, Waverley and Onyx. We received several updates and pictures of the girls. Lexi had several walks – even in the snow. We generally do not receive much snow but this year there has been more than normal. They diligently cleaned our deck and drives, which was unexpected. Diane even ensured the birds had food and water through the inclement weather. Our house was in great order and very clean when we returned home. We sing their praises to many of our traveling friends and hope that Alex and Diane will be available the next time we need them.
– Judy and Peter

British Columbia, Canada – 3-bed, 3-bath house

Buddy (Border Collie, female 15 years)
Thumper (Cat, female 17 years)

Our dog is getting elderly and we felt putting her in a kennel would be stressful so thought we would give Trusted Housesitters a try. We looked through the extensive petsitter options and chose Diane and Alex. They had good reviews, seemed a good fit and had a cool video! They were very experienced and knowledgeable, and we could tell they were a caring compassionate couple who loved animals. While we were away Diane and Alex kept in contact keeping us informed about the dog walking, cat cuddles and the ++ attention they showered on our pets. They also sent photos which was appreciated and reassuring.
Diane and Alex were amazing petsitters, accommodating, respectful and the house was cleaner than when we left. We would have no hesitation in recommending Diane and Alex and hope they are available when we need a trusted housesitter in the future.
– Rosemary and Trevor

British Columbia, Canada – 4-bed, 4-bath llama farm

Llamas (female) – Whitney (5 years), Dawn’s Delight (3 months), Katie (3 years)
Pretty Boy Floyd (Llama, male 3 years), 12 Chickens, Cady (Cat, female 10 years)

From the first contact through Housecarers and the initial personal meetup with Alex and Diane, we began to feel comfortable again with leaving our entire life and future with them while we travelled for a much needed family reunion. Little did we know they would have to deal with the worst storm in BC’s history, with power outages, no wifi etc. damage to a truck, storm cleanup etc. All was managed so professionally without panic or stress. Our home and property was spotless, with everything in place. The truck was all repaired and the llamas and chickens were happy and content with their barns and houses all in great shape. And Cady the Cat …. Purfect!! We think she missed them! It was as if we had never been away.
– Glenys and Basil

British Columbia, Canada – 3-bed, 2-bath house

Juneau (Samoyed/Retriever, female 11 years)
Lyla (Husky/Retriever, female 10 years)

Diane and Alex were fantastic, at short notice they were available and took in all the information regarding the care for our dogs (lots of medications). The dogs felt very comfortable with them and we could leave to go on our trip without any concerns. We received photos and communication about the dogs so we could be rest assured the dogs didn’t cause any trouble 😉
When we returned home they cleaned our home! WoW! thank you so much!!! Highly highly recommend them to any good host.
– Monique and Ingo

British Columbia, Canada – 2-bed, 2-bath house

Nookshuk (Cat, female 7 years)

Alex and Diane have been regular house sitters for us and without hesitation, we cannot recommend them highly enough. When we arrive back our house is spotless and our beloved cat well looked after. Alex and Diane are also problem solvers, taking care of any issues with the minimal amount of fuss. In short, leaving our home in their capable hands makes going away stress free and relaxing. Just wish we had found them earlier.
– Mark and Melissa


British Columbia, Canada – 4-bed, 3-bath townhouse

Stella (Cat, female 15 years)
Repeat petsit from 2019

Once again Diane and Alex were amazing at taking care of Stella and our house. They are very conscientious of making sure they spend enough time at home to keep Stella happy and secure. The house was spotless when we got home from our trip, which is always a nice treat. I highly recommend Diane and Alex for a housesit and wish they were available for us each time we go away!
– Jodi and Daren

British Columbia, Canada -3-bed, 3-bath townhouse

Curiosity (Cat, female 5 years), Tenderfoot (Cat, female 5 years)
Repeat petsit from 2018

We had the pleasure of having Diane and Alex take care of our home and cats a few times now and they’re always our first choice when we decide to go away for a vacation. During Covid-19 we needed to have a mini-vacation and when we came home we could tell Diane and Alex paid attention to detailed cleaning.
While we were away, one of our cats became lethargic and wouldn’t eat. Diane kept me up to date and was calm, grounded, and made some really good suggestions that helped Tenderfoot. We know we can leave our animals and home with Diane and Alex with confidence knowing we’ll be able to enjoy our vacation without worry.
– Karen and Drummond

British Columbia, Canada – 4-bed, 3-bath house

Leo (Ragdoll Cat, male 15 years), Roxy (Ragdoll Cat, female 15 years)
Repeat petsit from 2019

Alex and Diane have provided home and pet sitting for us on four separate occasions now, and each experience has been exceptional. Our elderly cats were relaxed and content each time we returned, letting us know they were being loved and pampered as well as getting their required medications.
Alex and Diane also treated our home with the upmost respect and care. Upon our return the house was spotless and organized, and the lawn and gardens were in great shape. We would highly recommend Alex and Diane, and couldn’t imagine leaving our beloved pets or house with more trusted people.
-Lisa and Nick

British Columbia, Canada -3-bed, 3-bath house

No pets

Alex and Diane looked after our home, and more importantly, our garden during a hot, dry spell this summer.
We were delighted upon our return to find the house even cleaner than when we left, and more importantly, the grass was green, the petunias deadheaded, the pumpkins watered, and five pounds of blueberries picked and ready to eat.
We highly recommend these two, and we will be calling them for our next getaway.
– Randy and Karen

Ontario, Canada – 2-bed, 1-bath house

We could not ask for a better house/pet sitting experience that we had with Alex and Diane. They are awesome! From the moment they responded to my ad, it was clear that they are kind, fun, caring and clearly highly responsible people. They spent a month looking after our house and more importantly, Harley and Simba our two senior Shorkies.

The dogs clearly got the royal treatment, no question. For the week we’ve been home they keep looking at us as if to say “what did you do with those awesome humans who were here – when will they be back”.

Simba (Shorkie, male 10 years)
Harley (Shorkie, male 10 years)

Alex and Diane were highly communicative, took care of a couple of minor house related issues while we were gone and clearly gave the dogs all the love and care we could possibly hope for. You could not find better and I would highly recommend them without any reservation. We feel we have made new friends, and would hope the opportunity arises for us to meet again.
– Sharon and Dave


British Columbia, Canada – 2-bed, 2-bath apartment

Crash (Cat, female 3 years), Puddy (Cat, female 10 years), Pete (Betta Fish, male 1 year)

Alex and Diane are absolutely amazing pet and house sitters. They left the house even cleaner than when we left, which is priceless when coming home from a big trip. We received regular updates on our pets and we felt so at ease about our pets in their care. We’ll definitely use them again in the future!
– Paul and Mel

British Columbia, Canada – 3-bed, 3-bath duplex

Theo (Morkie, male 4 years)
Harry (Yorkshire Terrier, male 12 years)
Adeline (Morkie, female 4 years)

Diane and Alex exceeded our highest expectations for housesitting and caring for our precious dogs during their five week stay in our home. They are warm, caring, competent, responsive and very responsible. When we came home Harry, Adeline and Theodore were listening carefully to them and were happy to snuggle with them. The dogs were walked thoroughly multiple times a day, and we were regularly sent photos of happy, exhausted pups flopped out on their beds. When Theo began scratching his ear, Diane and Alex immediately got in touch for direction and we were able to instruct them on applying the medication. Within a few days Theo was better.

When we came home everything was sparkling clean, and they had left us some milk and staples so we didn’t need to lift a finger on that first jet-lagged day home. Diane had even made us some homemade ravioli and hummus. Respectful and responsible, caring and competent. Easygoing and flexible with great communication skills. Their care took such a burden off us and allowed us to have the vacation of a lifetime, while knowing our home and pets were in the very best hands.
– Sandra and Kelly

British Columbia, Canada – 1-bed, 1-bath apartment

Diane and Alex are amazing. I was gone for 10 days and they kept me informed about my dog, Mouse. When I returned my place was immaculate (probably nicer than I left it!), my dog seemed to be depressed that they were leaving and I would highly recommend them. They are great people who really looked after my dog and place perfectly!
– Erica

Mouse (Poodle, female 10 years)

British Columbia, Canada – 3-bed, 3-bath townhouse

Oursa (Border Collie, female 8 years), Bruce (Cat, male 13 years)
Repeat petsit from 2018

Alex and Diane housesat for us for the second time in August 2019. While we were gone, Diane sent us some pictures and updates, and we felt very secure with Alex and Diane in our home. Somehow, they discovered that our dog really loves carrots, and so they had a bunch set-aside to give her as treats, which was so thoughtful. While we were gone, some maintenance was being done around our property, and we were thankful that Alex and Diane alerted us to it, and offered to move our car that was parked where the maintenance was taking place. Our home was clean and organized, and our pets happy and well taken care of. It’s the best welcome home you can imagine! The only downside is that I think our dog misses Alex and Diane, and was a little morose in the days following their departure. We would definitely have Diane and Alex back again.
– Amy

British Columbia, Canada – 3-bed, 3-bath log home

Oscar (Mixed Part-Hound, male 2 years), Gracie (Cat, female 9 years)
Repeat petsit from 2018

Diane and Alex are amazing . They are gentle and kind with my dog and cat and are very knowledgeable about how to care for them also. My dog is still young and they are confident in maintaining the training that I have worked on so far. They even made home made dog food for him I came home to an immaculate home which was better then I left it. They are such a lovely couple and I can’t wait to have them back.
– Marianne

British Columbia, Canada – 2-bed, 1-bath apartment

Sparker (Yorkshire Terrier, male 13 years)
Peanut (Yorkshire Terrier, female 12 years)

Diane and Alex were absolutely fabulous. From the moment we met before the actual sit, I felt that they were highly competent, have lots of experience, were super relatable, and caring. The pups loved them and they got lots of attention! They are super organized, have excellent communication and are just all around great people. They left my home in perfect condition. I would highly recommend Diane and Alex to anyone who wants top-notch housesitters. I hope to have them come again in the future.
– Denise

British Columbia, Canada – 1-bed, 1-bath apartment

Josie (Mini Dachshund, female 13 years), Milly (Manx Cat, female 2 years)
Repeat petsit from 2018

We were lucky enough to have Diane and Alex look after Josie, Milly, and our entire house of plants for all of July this year. Just like last year, they did an incredible job and we were really pleased with how everything went. Being our second time around, it was so nice to welcome them back and it made things go really smoothly for the pets. Milly and Josie were in better shape when we got back than when we left, and we’d have them back anytime. Our house was spotless, the plants were all thriving, and the regular photo updates made our month abroad a little easier, knowing our fur-children were happy, healthy, and taken care of. Thank you again for everything, you both!
– Ziggy and Katie

British Columbia, Canada – 1-bed, 1-bath apartment

Alex and Diane stayed with our two boys for the July long weekend and took better care of our home and fur babies than we could have asked for. They were diligent on keeping in touch, meeting us beforehand and also being flexible for our return home time. We came home to two very happy kitties and an incredibly clean home. We feel very lucky to have met Alex and Diane and would be more than happy to welcome them back again sometime in the future if paths cross. They’re amazing!
– Kelsey and Kirk

Gordon (Cat, male 6 years)
Theo (Cat, male 4 years)

British Columbia, Canada – 4-bed, 3-bath townhouse

Stella (Cat, female 14 years)

Diane and Alex were amazing house/cat sitters. They are so loving toward animals and they keep a very clean and tidy house. We would ask them to stay with us any time!
– Jodi and Daren

British Columbia, Canada – 4-bed, 3-bath house

Roxy (Ragdoll Cat, female 14 years), Leo (Ragdoll Cat, male 14 years)

It is difficult for us to imagine finding a couple with whom we could feel as confident in trusting our beloved cats and home. From Diane and Alex’s initial email of interest, continued ongoing correspondence, and in person meeting prior to our departure; we always felt comfortable with their knowledge and experience in this process.
While away we had absolute peace of mind through photos, face time and frequent communication that our cats were being well taken care of, their individual preferences and needs being addressed. Upon our return our house was immaculate, gardens flourishing and cats looking relaxed and happy. We would absolutely recommend Diane and Alex as trusted, dependable and experienced house and pet sitters and hope they will return to us in the future.
-Lisa and Nick

British Columbia, Canada – 3-bed, 3-bath house

Bear (Chow cross, male 12 years), Cap (Border Collie, male 1 year), Kitty (Cat, female 8 years)

Alex and Diane house and pet sat for us from mid March to mid April 2019, and wow, we could not have been more pleased and grateful for the good care they took of our house and our pets. We have 2 dogs and an outdoor cat. It was obvious that Alex and Diane spent a lot of time with our dogs. We came home to dogs better behaved than when we left.
Our cat got special attention, too. Diane recognized she had a medical issue, something I would have missed, and got our kitty the help she needed.
We came home to a spotless house. We would highly recommend this lovely couple for house and pet sitting and would gladly have them back again.
– TJ and Dean

British Columbia, Canada – 2-bed, 2-bath mobile home

Steve (Cat, male 15 years)

Diane and Alex were able to come the night before we left for our 2 week vacation. We had a great evening getting to know them. We were confident from the moment we met them that Steve and our home were in good hands. We came home to a happy cat and our home was exactly the way we left it. And! There was even a home made snack waiting in the fridge for us.
Thanks Diane and Alex! We will definitely call on you again.
– Tina and Brent

British Columbia, Canada – 3-bed, 4-bath executive home

Frankie (Bichon/Shih Tzu, male 6 years)
Repeat petsit from 2018

Diane and Alex looked after Frankie and our home for a second time this year. Again, they were very communicative and responsive housesitters. Frankie was healthy and happy, and our house was immaculate when returned home. We have already asked them to take care of Frankie and our home again next year.
– Martine


British Columbia, Canada -2-bed, 2-bath apartment

Diane and Alex took care of our cat Lucy and our place for a couple of weeks while we were away for Christmas holidays. They were a delight to work with, took wonderful care of Lucy, and left the place spic and span.
Thanks to both of you for everything! Would definitely recommend them if you are looking for someone to take care of you space and furry friends.
– Matthew and Kendall

Lucy (Cat, female 6 years)

British Columbia, Canada – 3-bed, 3-bath executive home

Max (Birman Cat, female 3 years), Malorie (Birman Cat, female 3 years)

Alex and Diane are completely trustworthy and ideal house sitters. They cared for our home and our kitties like they were their own. We were thrilled to come home to happy content kitties, sharper knives and a clean environment.
As our home has some complex systems like a hot tub and pellet stove, it was great that they felt completely competent and able to troubleshoot and keep them functioning. We intend to invite them to stay again.
– Rob and Lorraine

Puntarenas, Costa Rica – 2-bed, 2-bath beach house

Omber (Mixed Part Rottweiler, male 9 years), Felix (Mixed, male 3 years)

Diane and Alex went far and above any expectations. Although they agreed to take care of only one dog, we took on another before they arrived. They also made the trip to the city every month to pay our internet bill at the bank. They fell right into the Pura Vida beach life and made friends with our neighbors. They took great care of Omber and Felix and did their best to keep up with repairs on an older house exposed to the ocean elements.
– Howard and Cynthia

British Columbia, Canada – 1-bed, 1-bath apartment

Molly (Morkie, female 4 years), Abby (Cat, female 7 years)

I’m so happy I met Alex and Diane, they are wonderful sitters. Diane looked after Molly and Abby together and on another occasion they both took care of Abby the cat (not pictured). Abby was fond of both of them immediately and Molly took to a shine to them too. They are warm, kind, considerate people who truly enjoy looking after people’s fur babies. They also left my apartment very clean and tidy. I would use them again in a heartbeat and I hope to see them soon. Thanks Alex and Diane for looking after my babies so well!
– Brenda

British Columbia, Canada – 1-bed, 1-bath apartment

Josie (Mini Dachshund, female 12 years), Milly (Manx Cat, female 1 year)

Diane and Alex were the most incredible house sitters and we could not have asked for a better couple to look after Josie and Milly. From regular updates, to a spotless home upon return, we would happily have them look after our pets again in the future. Thanks again to both of you!
– Ziggy and Katie

British Columbia, Canada – 3-bed, 3-bath log home

Oscar (Mixed Part-Hound, male 1 year), Gracie (Cat, female 8 years)

My pets were very well looked after. The house was spotless upon my return and my dog and cat happy and content.
– Marianne

British Columbia, Canada -3-bed, 3-bath townhouse

Curiosity (Cat, female 4 years), Tenderfoot (Cat, female 4 years)

We knew as soon as Diane and Alex met our two cats, one of which has seizures, that they’d be in good hands with them. They were attentive to the details, asked a lot of questions and made note of all the important information. We never worried about our cats and didn’t feel the need to do daily check-ins or have pictures sent as we’ve requested other sitters to do. When we got home, our cats were relaxed, happy and our house was very well taken care of. They will be our first choice to cat and house sit if the need arises again.
– Karen and Drummond

British Columbia, Canada – 3-bed, 3-bath townhouse

Oursa (Border Collie, female 7 years), Bruce (Cat, male 12 years)

Diane and Alex are wonderful house sitters! We required their services for a week over the Canada Day long weekend, and I’m so glad that they were able to fit us in. We have a high-anxiety collie, and an old house cat, and we were so happy to return to find both pets happy and well-adjusted with Diane and Alex. Nothing beats coming home from vacation to a tidy home and happy animals! I would absolutely welcome Diane and Alex back into our home for another house-sit!
– Amy

Queensland, Australia – 3-bed, 2-bath house

Lucy (Australian Bulldog, female 3 years)
Betty (Australian Bulldog, female 2 years)

I needed someone who understood the importance of being kind and accepting to my girls. Alex and Diane communicated with me from day one, and remained contactable at all times. They hung out with Betty and Lucy like they were their own, taking them for walks, swims and the park every dayy. They even taught them new tricks and manners! They found a mark on Betty’s chest that required surgery to remove a tumor (thankfully benign) which resulted in a wound requiring daily treatment. Diane and Alex provided the best care during a complicated recovery process. They respected our house like it was their own. The lawns were mowed, the house was always clean and the mail was checked. I couldn’t have found a better couple to look after our girls.
– Kate

Queensland, Australia – 2-bed, 2-bath townhouse

Guiness (Shih Tzu/Maltese, female 17 years, required medication)
India (Ragdoll Cat, female 6 years), Sampson (Ragdoll Cat, male 3 years)

I think Guiness was a real winner in this housesit. She got lots of love and attention that she just lapped up. Diane and Alex were easy to get along with and fitted in with my busy schedule. I came home to happy animals which is so much easier to achieve when they remain in their home environment. House was clean and happy animals. I couldn’t ask for anything more.
– Melinda

British Columbia, Canada – 3-bed, 4-bath executive home

Frankie (Bichon/Shih Tzu, male 5 years)

Diane and Alex were wonderful housesitters while we were away for 7 weeks. They were very communicative, responsive, on time, and very caring of our home.
Our little dog Frankie was well taken care of and received lots of lovin’.
Our home was spotless when we returned and they even left behind a well-stocked fridge of food so that we did not have to rush out and shop.
We highly recommend them.
– Martine


Baja California Sur, Mexico – 2-bed, 1-bath house

No pets

Diane and Alex house sat for us at our Mexico property from nearly five months. We had problems with the water system a few times and they dealt with it very well so that now all is perfect. Also I have another property a few blocks away and had issues there and they volunteered to deal with those problems as well.
Diane and Alex are very personable and trustworthy. They communicate well and have the confidence to deal comfortably with any issue that may arise. I highly recommend Diane and Alex as experienced house sitters.
– Liz

Baja California Sur, Mexico – 2-bed, 2-bath house with outdoor pool

All pets are rescue animals, Benson (Mixed Part-Terrier, male 7 years)
Lacey (Mixed Part-Maltese, female 7 years), Ginger (Mixed Part-Poodle, female 5 years)
Gracie (Cat, female 7 years), Eddy (Cat, male 2 years)

Diane and Alex were terrific sitters for our home, 3 dogs and 2 cats while we were away for 3 weeks. They were thoughtful and obviously cared a great deal about our animals which was very important to us. The first day after we left there was a problem with the electricity but Diane and Alex handled the matter calmly and resolved the issue by communicating with us and a neighbor and all was well again within hours.
They were able to coax our very shy cat out of her hiding spot and the dogs loved their daily walks and trips to the beach. We live in Mexico and part of the reason we selected Diane and Alex to sit for us is their extensive travels to other developing countries. Being prepared for the unknown to happen while we are away was a big plus for us and they proved to be the right choice for us. We highly recommend Diane and Alex as house sitters.
– Kathy

British Columbia, Canada – 2-bed, 1-bath house

Bailey (Cat, female 3 years)

Diane and Alex we so wonderful, nothing but amazing things to say. It was such a weight off knowing everything was in great hands. We could tell right away that they would take good care of our Bailey and our house while we were gone. She was extremely content when we got back – we had specific directions for her diet and they followed them perfectly, it looks like she had lots of play time as well, she loves her new toy! The house was immaculate and the plants we healthy, they even left us a welcome home pastry. We can highly recommend Diane and Alex to come take care of your house and your pets!
– Kari