The Blue Path

The Blue Path travels the world seeking adventure, telling stories and exploring the issues impacting its aquatic ecosystems and the people who live and depend on them. Everywhere we go in the world, we are greeted with the beauty of the natural world. However, we are also reminded of the fragility of our planet and its marine environments.

Human industrial activity has been affecting the world’s hydrology for hundreds of years by diverting and polluting our most precious resource. Fueled by carbon, industrialization is resulting in an unnaturally changing climate that warms the planet and exasperates the problems facing all aspects of its water cycle.

Our mission is to share our love of travel and the ocean, and the actions we can all take to positively impact the people and places we visit. Travel The Blue Path along the planet’s waterways to learn about the threats facing the planet’s oceans and discover what we can do to help protect and preserve our oceans, lakes and rivers.